Irrigation 11
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          Royal irrigation Department under Ministry of Agriculture
and Cooperatives hasdivided the responsible areas into 17 parts.
Each part is called Regional irrigation Office (RIO) 1-17. Each RiO
covers both irrigated area and the area without irrigation system.
For the areas with irrigation system, RIO has the mission :
water allocation, distribution, and drainage, as well as rehabilitation
and maintenance of irrigation system. For the areas where there is
no irrigation system, the mission is water resources development
and water provision in various ways.
         RiO 11 is responsible for the areas which cover pretty full
of irrigation system and the oldest irrigation system.
The responsible area is the area around the mouth of the Gulf of
Thailand or the lowest area of the basin of the Chao Phraya River,
Nakhon Nayok River and Tha Chin River. Although it is the
smallest area compared to that of other RiOs, the Work under
the responsibility is the most complex — a wide range of problems.
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